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A Dash of Tips for a Great Walk with Your Dog

Dog walking tips
Walking a dog sounds easy, right?
You put it on a leash (or off leash if they’re in a safe zone and properly trained) and you simply walk, jog or run with the dog. As simple as that.

But, how fun is that, really?
Wouldn’t you want your beloved pet to actually have some fun?
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5 Reasons To Spay Or Neuter Your Dog

Reasons to neuter and spay your dog
Taking care of a dog is considered an absolute commitment.

Of course, you need to invest both time and money to provide absolute caring love each and every day as well as regular visits to the vet. That means your dog is and should be a crucial part of your budget. However, having a single dog in the house is a serious responsibility on its own, but what else can two or more dogs do? Read more »

Pets We Secretly Dream Of


We love dogs, cats and all domestic pets. Then there are those animals you see on wildlife programs, sometimes they’re so cute, so clever, or for some reason make us say ‘I want one’. Read more »

How to Take Care of a Fish


Keeping fish can be an simple way to introduce a young child to the concept of pet care, or a complex challenge for the most skilled and experienced of aquarium enthusiasts. Here are a few tips to help you understand how to take care of a fish. Read more »

10 Steps When Moving With Dogs

10 steps when moving with dogs

What to do and what not to do when moving house with dogs. The sudden change of address is extremely stressing to all pets. Dogs, however, can get traumatized. Read more »

How to Care for a Pet Turtle in Winter


When it comes to reptiles things get a bit more specialist, cold blooded creatures just have a whole different set of requirements. Read more »

How to Care for Pets In Cold Weather


Winter can be a difficult time, for humans and animals alike. There are a few hazards that you need to be aware of and guard against to keep your pet safe in the harsher months.

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How to Teach Your Cat to Play Nice

how to teach your cat to play nice

Cats have such a reputation for independence that the idea that you can train them may give rise to more amusement than belief. When you embark on the long journey of how to teach your cat to play nice, there’s one single most important thing to bear in mind – take your time. Don’t go over the line with your feline buddy and don’t expect he will completely change to your fashion. The glue that binds together all the ingredients of the perfect calm cat formula is patience. Read more »

How to Care For Pets In Hot Weather

Cat sitting on a cold ground during summer in the garden

Excessive heat during the summer months can be as vulnerable to pets, as it is to their human owners. When the temperature rises, there are many potential ways your pet can easily get hurt – make sure to watch for several potential threats and guard your pet against them. Read more »

Do You Take Your Pet on a Holiday?


When you go to a holiday abroad, do you take your pet, or leave them at home? There are lots of arguments for both options so it’s a case of weighing up the different factors and deciding which is right for you and your animal companion.
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