TOP 10 Best Pets for Kids

best pets for kids

You’ve agreed your child can have a pet. What will it be? Of course it will depend on your circumstances, but here’s our top ten best pets for kids.

#10. Goldfish

best pets for kids - gold fish

Not the most exciting pet in the world and you can’t cuddle it, but they’re easy to care for. If your child is allergy prone at least you don’t have to worry about fur! Choosing an aquarium for your fish can be an art. Basically, one of the best pets for kids under 10. If your wallet allows, check out the many decorative designer aquariums that are available out there.

#9. Reptile

best pets for kids - iguana

Snake or lizard, it’s up to you, or your child. Some species are easier to care for than others, so do your research first. Boys and girls with a taste for the odd may find these fascinating pets. Don’t expect a lot of affection, but again there’s no fur to worry about.

#8. Turtle

best pets for kids - turtle

Just like with lizards and snakes, turtles aren’t the most huggy of animals, but not everyone needs that. Kids and adults with fascination of the calm and quiet nature of these ancient animals would appreciate them the most. For them, it’s one of the best pets to have. Here’s a guide with helpful information about caring for a turtle.

#7. Gerbil

best pets for kids - gerbil

One of the best choices for flats and small places. Whoever loves a pet that takes up very little space, and adores racing mice, the gerbil is the perfect choice!

#6. Hamster

best pets for kids - hamster

Another good choice for flats and small places. These little guys can get really really fat, and exceptionally adorable. Just be careful not to step on them.

#5. Rat

best pets for kids - rat

Not a very popular choice, but the rat can offer a lot others cannot. It’s one of the smartest animals in the world and it’s easier to teach it tricks than a dog. This is one of the best pets for children with scientific inclinations. It’s a good idea to get a glass labyrinth and observe how it always finds its way out.

#4. Rabbit

best pets for kids - bunny rabbit

Most would agree that the cuteness factor of rabbits is far higher than that of the smaller rodents. These were one thought of as outdoor pets, but it’s becoming more common for people to have them living indoors and they can be trained to use a litter tray. Undoubtedly, one of the best pets for toddlers.

#3. Horse/Pony

best pets for kids - horse

Now, this is a massive financial investment and you certainly need to have outdoor space or arrange stabling. A pony or horse is really only suitable for the child who wants to ride and is prepared to put the hours of work involved into caring for their animal. For the right child, and if your location and financial situation allows it this is the ultimate pet. It’s not for everyone, but few animals can beat the value of a horse.

#2. Cat

best pets for kids - cat

Get a kitten if you can, and watch your child and baby cat grow together. Cats can have a certain reputation as being rather aloof, but many can be very affectionate to the human they’ve bonded too. Unlike dogs, cats train themselves, and it is possible to keep them indoors, though most cats prefer the freedom of being allowed to roam. Here’s a detailed guide on cat care.

And the #1 of The Best Pets For Kids is… a Dog

best pets for kids - dog

At Balham Doggy Centre we love all animals but there’s no denying that dogs are, and ever will be, man’s best friend. Here’s a detailed guide on dog care. If you want to teach your child about unconditional loyalty and love, get a dog. Again, pick a young animal so that your child and their pet will grow together. Expect a lot of work at the outset but you’ll be rewarded with love and loyalty that repays all your efforts.