How To Be An Awesome Pet Owner

woman and dog

As a child I collected all sorts of creatures that would probably gross you out. Lizards, frogs, and even some gorgeous bugs. No, I wasn’t raised by a witch.

These days however I own two dogs, a Persian cat, the cutest baby rabbit in existence, and a hedgehog. Also, a pony guards my backyard.

Funny things can pop into your head when you live with a random amalgamation of mammals. So I, sort of, embarked on a quest to become a dedicated pet owner and strengthen the bond between me and my army of pets. Here is what this endeavour taught me…

#1. How To Develop The Intellectual Side Of An Animal

intelligent frog

People are always amazed by animals that have extraordinary skills. That’s because we are not open-minded to other kinds’ potential. We often believe a dog should follow our commands and if it does, then it’s well-trained. But there is another side to it. The answer is so clear – imagine you are raising a child. You have to possess the ability to see through its eyes. Hunker down on your knees and see the world as a four-pawed being.

1.1. The Professional Advice:

Today, we can see professional organisations for pet training with a whole new practice. They require the owners’ attention, too. If you want to send your dog, cat or even horse to a specialist who can develop its potential, you will be asked to join the training process. Professionals believe that an animal’s attitude is a reflection of its owner’s presence. So, If you want a well-trained canine, you should change not only its behaviour, but also yours. Training and friendship with an animal is a two-sided coin. To make a pet follow your lead, you have to think like an animal. Don’t expect a wild creature to understand you and behave like a human.


“In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn’t merely try to train him to be semi-human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog.”

~ Edward Hoagland


1.2. Pet Training Equals Tons Of Fun

It becomes a hobby and builds a unique relationship with the animal that will stay your friend forever. It’s all about understanding each other.

The best advice you could get is to turn the training process into a game. Do not yell at your pet and avoid punishment. A stress-free pet is a happy pet. If you put your, say, dog under pressure, you are likely to see its aggressive side. Play with it as a friend and you will be surprised how quickly and how many funny tricks your dog or cat will get into/learn. You can’t even begin to imagine how amusing pet training is until you try it yourself.

 1.3. Best Training Motivation Boosters
Food, of course! Though it is not that simple. Pet owners often share a situation with their dogs that repeats over and over again. They catch the canine’s attention only when they have the food treat in their hands. After the animal gets its “prize”, it gets distracted again by others of its species, people, every noise. If you train your pet in an area with so many distractions such as the local park, the best decision is to let your pal play free for an hour. When its energy is brought to a normal level and the hunger is calling, you will be able to get its attention again. A calm dog is much more motivated to follow your commands, even when you are using the simplest manipulation – food.

1.4. Animal Body Language – How Important It Is For Us In Order To Understand Our Pets’ Needs!


Barabara Handelman – “Canine Behaviour: A Photo Illustrated Handbook”

Brenda Aloff – “Canine Body Language: A Photographic Guide”

#2. How To Deal With Animal Fur

Nowadays there are many pet care services. People often use professional help for dog walking or sitting and even for pet grooming. In my research, I found out that one of the most preferred services is pet grooming. It is healthy for your animal fellow, but also for you and your family, especially when it comes to indoor pets. Cat fur may cause many allergies. It is also a main problem for your household’s furniture and your clothes. Even if you clean every day, the cat fur is still all over the place.

So, people say: “I take my cat to a pet groomer twice a week and there is still so much fur.” That is a common problem in the spring when the animals change their coat. But the solution is not that simple. You may groom your feline twice a day with no visible effect. Then what?

 2.1. The Furminator

I haven’t used this tool for my domestic tiger, but people on the Web say it’s great. The Furminator is very helpful for long-haired cats and even for double-coated dogs. It is the perfect choice for the “in between groomer visits”. It’s an amazing device for removing the dead fur with no risk of injury to the pet.

You will be surprised how much hair a cat shed! And after using it, you can simply throw the hair into your garden. Why? Animal fur is the best material that birds can use for their nests.

 2.2. Zoom Groom

It’s another tool for removing fur. In a combination with the Furminator, it’s really effective. Zoom Groom works on the basis of static electricity. And cats really love it because it massages them.

These are incredible pet care supplies that can reduce the need of everyday vacuuming your floor and furniture.

 2.3. What About Shaving?

And when it’s up to dogs, people ask: “Should I shave my dog in the hot sunny days?”

Spring is already here and many dogs feel hot already, especially those with a double coat. In the summer, the situation is even worse. But still, I cannot believe people do that to their pets. As I saw, this has been a trend in recent years. There are pet care saloons that offer such a service for the summer heat.

On the other hand, many people think animals look sad and embarrassed after a procedure like that. What a surprise! The specialists say some animals, despite their evolution, still cannot live in big cities. The climate there is not a part of their nature and some of them can’t deal with it. So, shaving your dog may be a good decision, but it can also make our domesticated pals too sensitive and too depending on us. And this may harm their ability to evolute properly and to get used to the city environment.

Imagine it this way – animal fur is like household insulation. It keeps the dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you fondle your four-legged friend when it is laying under the sun, you will see it is very hot. But when you run your fingers through the hair, you can feel how much cooler is the skin. The fur actually absorbs the heat and keeps it away from the skin. Removing this kind of insulation, you may expose your fellow to a risk instead of helping it to deal with the heat.

A better decision?

If you live in a house and have a garden, buy your dog a small inflatable pool to play in it. Water is a perfect way to deal with the heat. But if you live in a flat like most people in London, you can go for a walk with your furry friend after sunset. Places near bodies of water are perfect. The weather there is much more bearable and the dog will definitely cool down.

#3. Is There Organic Food for Domesticated Creatures?

cute cat lick

Living with people, pets are exposed to so many toxins and eat mainly tinned food. This has diversified health issues over the years, and even caused cancer which is not a common condition for pets. It is a result of pollution and stress. Away from their primary environment, many creatures are vulnerable and sensitive. You could save them from many risk factors with proper food. Opt for 100% organic.

Today, we can see this trend not only in human’s life, but also in the daily round of many pets.

Such a brand is “Pet Organic”.

They made a research in a collaboration with the Royal Veterinary Hospital’s canine nutrition department and developed a correctly balanced and full of nutrients food. “It is cooked by healthy methods such as steaming, poaching, grating and roasting and is packaged in recyclable, transparent pouches, so you can see exactly what you are getting” – said an Organic Pet spokesperson.

1.2. More Benefits Of Organic Food:

The organic food for our furry beloved includes completely natural products and is not only kind, but also breed specified. The food itself and its ingredients are not tested on animals. The totally organic meal prevents health issues, allergies, and also putting on weight. And this is a common problem for neutered pets who suffer from abnormal endocrine function.

 1.3. Does The Organic Food Give Full Energy To Our Pets?

Every animal, regardless of kind and its breed, has different requirements on energy coming from food. The organic meal contains high quality ingredients – high of proteins (averaged 60%) for the younger pets and low in grains and fat for the older ones. Your job is just to consider which is the proper food for your fellow.

Most of the organic food could also include vegetables and herbs which are essential for kidney and liver function. They are natural booster for every animal’s health. In their primary environment, the wild creatures are absolutely able to provide themselves with all the necessary nutrients. But living between walls, they are completely dependent on us. It’s our job to serve them all the needed proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory etc.

But don’t over do it!

Cats, for example, are huge gluttons! They eat a lot! So, be careful with overeating. For proper assimilation of the food, you should also provide the proper quantity of water. People often wonder how much water their pets need. Fresh water has to be available to them all the time so they can drink as much as they want.

1.4. An Important Note!

Animal food often contains soya. Many pet food brands use it for their diet meals, too. But you should be aware that soya is considered to be very indigestible by most animals. It cannot replace proteins. So, avoid soya as ingredient in your furry friends’ meal!