Affenpinscher Breed


Origin: Germany / France

Type: Companion dog

Weight: General – 3­-3.5kg

Height: General – 10-­15in / 25­-38cm

Appearance: Affenpinschers are sturdy little dogs. They have a quite rough coat, longer on the head and back of the legs. They usually come in black, but grey, silver, red, black and tan, and beige can be also seen. Affenpinschers have small round eyes, their ears are pointy and erect and in countries where this is allowed both tails and ears are often docked.

Temperament: This is an alert and curious breed. They are loyal to their family but they can often be stubborn, they can also be quite protective of their home and territory. The curiosity and intelligence of Affenpinschers means that they adjust to changes in their environment and circumstances and they’re always ready for new adventures. Like many of the smaller dog breeds Affenpinschers can display “little dog” syndrome, a situation when a tiny dog starts to behave rather aggressively – barking, biting, chewing and in general trying to establish a position as the boss in the house. Prevent this by giving your Affenpinscher lots of attention but making it clear that you’re in charge.

Skills: Because of their fun character Affenpinschers are often used as therapy dogs. They are highly energetic and need exercise. Agility and obedience competitions are a good choice for the breed and they are relatively easy to train. As with any dog, the temperament of the breed determines the potential but the individual character is dictated by training and socialisation.

Behaviour Toward Other Animals and Children: Affenpinschers might look cute and cuddly but they aren’t necessarily the best option for a family pet in a home with smaller children. They are easily irritated and don’t like the noise, squeezes and pulling that young children can offer. If you socialise and train the puppies and teach your children how to interact with pets, they should get on well together.

Common Health Problems: Although healthy Affenpinschers have some health issues that are relatively common. Some of these are pattelar luxation, hip dysplasia, Legg­Perthes disease and heart murmurs.

Lifespan: Average 12 to 14 years.