Afghan Hound

Origin: AfghanistanAfghan Hound Breed

Type: Hound

Weight: Male – 25­-28kg
Female – 23-­25kg

Height: Male – 68­-74cm
Female – 63-­69

Appearance: Afghan Hounds are large dogs and one of the oldest dog breeds. They have a long fine and thick coat – one of their signature features and this makes regular grooming a must. Colour­-wise, all solid colours and patterns are allowed within the breed standard. Afghans have pendant ears and the curled tail is characteristic of the breed.

Temperament: Afghans aren’t the most intelligent of dogs. They like to be free-­thinkers and can be independent. They are loyal but can be distant and if treated roughly can become irritable or timid. However when in a playful mood they are kind and fun to be with.

Skills: Afghans aren’t the most trainable of dogs and they can be stubborn as well. They are not the greatest at dog competitions and can often leave their handler embarrassed. Afghan hounds are natural hunters, greatly valued for their ability to run fast and for their excellent far­-sight. Historically, this and their ability to work without human direction has earned them a reputation as great hunters.

Behaviour Toward Other Animals and Children: Afghans are not considered the best choice for a household with children, being more suited as an elegant companion for an adult. However if you make an effort to socialise them they can bond with other pets and children. The best period to develop the personality of the dog is between 7 and 16 months old. Still Afghans prefer the company of adults. Their strong hunting instinct can make an Afghan a problematic pet in a home with other smaller animals. .

Common Health Problems: Some of the major health issues with Afghan Hounds are allergies, cancer, hip and elbow dysplasia, juvenile cataracts and sensitivity to anaesthesia. One rare condition that may affect the breed is chylothorax which if untreated can be fatal.

Lifespan: Average 10 to 12 years