Andalusian Hound

Origin: SpainAndalusian Hound Breed

Type: Hunting and guardian dog

Weight: Small: 5-11 kg
Medium: 10-22 kg
Large: 21­-33 kg

Height: Male (small): 32-42 cm
Male (medium): 43­-53 cm
Male (large): 54­-64 cm
Female (small): 32-­41 cm
Female (medium): 42-­53 cm
Female (large): 53-­61 cm

Appearance: The Andalusian Hound is a compact, pick­-eared sighthound. It has a harmonious build, similar to other Iberian breeds, such as the Portuguese Podengo, Podenco Canariao, Maneto, and the Ibizan Hound. The Podenco Andaluz is a compact breed of prick-­eared sighthound that occurs in three different sizes and coats. The breed comes in three different sizes – Podenco Andaluz Talla Grande, Podenco Andaluz Talla Mediana, Podenco Andaluz Talla Chica. It also has three distinct different types of coats, all of which lack an undercoat – wire hair, long­hair, and smooth.

Temperament: The breed is intelligent, somewhat submissive dog which always prefers logical over aggressive reactions. It is also a great watchdog, suspicious without the presence of its master, but cheerful and playful around his owner. It has been bred for hunting and has excellent sense of smell and enjoys chasing animals, both in water and rugged terrain. The Andalusian Hound reacts well to unexpected circumstances and has a powerful memory, able to retain information with ease.

Skills: The Podenco Andaluz is a hunting dog with a remarkable sense of smell and abundant stamina. The hunting history of the breed has resulted in fatigue resistance. This dog is not easily scared or intimidated. However, the breed is not suited to live in small quarters or with less active owners. It is a guardian dog which requires strong and confident master who has the experience to train and socialise large breeds.

Behaviour Toward Other Animals and Children: As with all hunting dog breeds, the Andalusian Hound requires early socialisation to ensure its hunting and protective instincts are tamed. The small variation of the breed is a great choice for some families with young children, but the size of the Talla Mediana and Talla Grande might make them unsuitable. The breed is loving and affectionate towards its owner; obedient and easily trained, compared to other hunting breeds. However, its hunting instincts might be a problem if there are other, smaller pets in the household.

Common Health Problems: Although the breed has existed for many years, research on health issues, related to the Podenco Andaluz, is scarce. As with other hunting dogs, the Andalusian Hound has been observed to be prone to arthritis. Ear infections and eye diseases are also common, especially in dogs which have not been excersided actively. Still, the breed is relatively healthy, with a normal lifespan for a dog of its size.

Lifespan: 10­ – 12 years.