Asian Cat

Origin: Britain (founding stock from Asia)Asian Cat Breed

Type: Pedigree

Weight: Males: 7-10 pounds;

Females: 6-8 pounds

Size: Medium

Coat Length: Short

Body Type: Medium, compact, muscular.

Appearance: In terms of coat colour and pattern, the Asian cat is divided into three separate breeds – the Asian self, the Asian smoke, and the Asian tabby. All three varieties are elegant, medium-sized cats with a muscular built and compact body. The chest is broad and rounded and the legs are slender. The straight tail is medium to long, reaching the shoulder if brought round along the side of the body. The Asian cats have a full-looking face and a rounded head with no flattened areas, with a very visible spot in profile. Eyes are round and wide-set, varying in colour from yellow to green. The coat texture is short and fine, lying close to the body.

Grooming Requirements: Asian cats require low maintenance. Occasional grooming is necessary to keep the coat in good condition. Regular brushing or combing will remove excess hair, prevent matting, and stimulate blood circulation. Shedding for this breed is minimal. These type of cats typically produce little to no dander and are considered hypo-allergenic.

Activity Level: This is a very active cat that likes to engage in activities. Owners should spend 10-15 minutes actively involved with an Asian cat several times a day. Daily exercise will help maintain proper body weight and keep their muscles toned and strong.

Affection: Asians are very affectionate and lovable cats.

Time Alone: No more than four hours.

Attention: These cats demand an owner who will pay attention to them, interact with them, pick them up and cuddle them often.

Talkativeness: Asian cats are known for being highly vocal with very loud voices.

Temperament: Asian cats have an extrovert, inquisitive nature, and high intelligence. Because it is such a sociable cat, the Asian relates to well to human company and will adapt well to indoor living, not feeling the need to go out. They don’t like noises especially from cars, lorries, or buses. This is not a city cat and will enjoy living somewhere in the suburbs, away from the every-day hustle and bustle of the city. Asians loves showing off, especially when there are visitors to impress. These cats are also gentle, which may appeal to more elderly people who are looking for a loyal companion.

Interesting Facts: Longhaired Asians of all varieties are called Tiffanies.

Behaviour Toward Other Animals and Kids: The breed is kid-friendly and their extrovert, curious nature and high intelligence make them an ideal family pet. Another feline companion, especially a cat with a similar extrovert personality, will be much appreciated.

Common Health Problems: This is a very long-lived and healthy cat, with very few health issues. They are prone to snoring and renal problems due to their facial structure. Like other cats, they need annual vaccination boosters against flu and enteritis, as well as against Feline Leukaemia if they go outdoors.

Lifespan: This is a long lived breed, up to 15 years.