Asian Semi­ Longhair

Asian Semi-longhair Breed

Origin: Great Britain

Type: Cross-breed

Size: Medium

Coat Length: Semi­-long

Body Type: Delicate

Appearance: This rather charming cat is alternately named the Tiffanie, or Tiffany. They were developed in the United Kingdom in the 1980s as a longer haired version of the Asian Shorthair and are believed to have originated as a cross breed of the Chinchilla with the long-haired Burmilla cat. Their coat colour may be dark brown, sable, brown or seal, also blue, black, brown, chocolate or lilac. Their fur is shiny, luxurious and silky in texture, less prone tangling than some other long haired breeds. The body type is rather delicate. The eyes of the Asian Semi­-longhair are medium in size, come in a range of shades of green and are often lined, which adds to the beauty of the cat.

Grooming Requirement: High; weekly grooming is required to keep this cat looking its best.

Activity Level: Moderate to high. Generally very playful.

Affection: Very Affectionate.

Attention: Asian Semi­-longhair cats expect and need a lot of attention.

Talkativeness: Vocal. To the extent that they can be regarded as unsuitable for small apartments, especially those with poor sound insulation.

Temperament: The Asian Semi­-longhair is a loyal, loving and sometimes dependant cat. They like to explore and keep themselves entertained but will expect and even demand a lot of attention from their owners. They’re of a gentle temperament in general, but best suited to an owner who can offer plenty of interaction. They love to play and will give an opinion on anything and everything. Because these are cats that bond strongly with their owners they can be very adaptable to new environments, just so long as they’re surrounded by familiar people.

Behaviour Toward Other Animals and Children: Asian Semi-­longhair cats are so attached to their humans that they can be jealous of other cats. On the other hand, they get on well with children and some of them seem to positively enjoy the company of dogs. As always there will be variations in the nature of an individual cat, which is partly down to heritage and partly down to early socialisation.

Common Health Problems: These are often kept as indoor cats, so need attention to their diet and plenty of activities to ensure they don’t develop health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Like all Asian heritage cats a possible genetic health condition is Hypokalaemic Polymyopathy (HK). Reputable breeders will have proof of the genetic status of the parents, so when buying a kitten ask to see this.

Lifespan: Around 15 years.