Basset Hound

Origin: FranceBasset Hound Breed

Type: Hound

Weight: Male – 25 – ­34kg
Female – 20­ – 29kg

Height: Male – 12 – ­15in / 30 – ­38cm
Female – 11­ – 14in / 28­ – 36cm

Appearance: Basset Hounds are short-­legged medium­-sized dogs. They have dense smooth short coats that protect them from temperature extremes. The acceptable colours are generally black, white and tan. Bassets have long ears, among the longest of all breeds. Along with the ears another signature feature is the dewlap – the loose skin around the lower jaw and neck of the dog.

Temperament: Basset hounds are friendly and playful dogs, great with children. They enjoy company and if left alone for long periods they tend to howl and can also be destructive for furnishings and other belongings. The breed has a reputation for laziness and a tendency to obesity so an appropriate exercise program is important to keep them fit and healthy. They do have great endurance so long walks are an option.

Skills: Bassets are rather difficult to train since they can be stubborn, but they are loyal. They are great trackers and were originally used in rabbit hunts. Unlike most hunting breeds bassets aren’t good swimmers. They do well in obedience, agility and rally competitions.

Behaviour Toward Other Animals and Children: Bassets are great family pets, amazing with children. In fact you might have to be more protective of your dog rather than of your children. They behave well towards other animals as well, including cats especially if they’ve grown up together.

Common Health Problems: Some of the common issues are gastric dilatation­volvulus, Von Willebrand disease, hip dysplasia, glaucoma, allergies, patellar luxation, panosteitis, intervertrebral disk disease, thrombophathia, eye and ear problems, obesity.

Lifespan: Average 10 – 12 years.