Belgian Sheepdog (Belgian Shepherd)

Origin: BelgiumBelgian Sheepdog Breed

Type: Herding dog

Weight: Male – 25-30kg
Female – 20-25kg

Height: Male – 23.6in-26in / 60-66cm
Female – 22-24.4in / 56-62cm

 Appearance: Belgian sheepdogs are medium to large-­sized dogs originally used for herding. They have a double coat – an undercoat of soft and dense fur for protection and overcoat of longer straight hair. Their colour is usually black, in some cases with just a little white or frost on certain spots. Their eyes are dark brown and the ears erect and pointy, set rather close.

Temperament: Belgian shepherds can be shy and sensitive and should be socialised from early puppy­hood. They form strong relationships and always stay loyal. This is a breed with a high energy level something that can become overwhelming. They’re not generally considered an ideal choice for first­-time owners.

Skills: These are intelligent and highly active animals and need lots of exercise. Belgian shepherds are great companions for joggers or bike riders. They perform well in dog sports like obedience competitions and agility, and are even used as aid dogs, for search and rescue missions, and in the police and military.

Behaviour Toward Other Animals and Kids: Like most dogs, Belgian shepherds behave well with children they’ve grown up with, they’ll also enjoy the company of any child old enough to treat a dog with respect. Because of their herding nature there might be some cases when they nip ankles as they play.

Common Health Problems: Include hip and elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, hypothyroidism. Cancer is one of the main reasons for early death. Some Belgian sheepdogs show high sensitivity to anaesthesia.

Lifespan: Average 10 to 14 years.