Why Do Cats Love Boxes So Much?

This Box Is Mine

If you had even one present that came in a box this Christmas, the chances are that kitty took over the box as his own! So, why do cats love boxes so much?

Reliving their Childhood

Mother cats instinctively seek out warm, dark places, to hide their litters in. Perhaps for your cat that box represents a return to those golden days of youth. Certainly the playfulness with which even the most dignified of adult cats approach boxes suggests that they’re rediscovering their inner kitten.

Cats are Just Curious

Any new object brought into your home will get the cat ‘once over’, it just so happens that a box can be checked inside and out. And it will be!
It’s a Place to Hunt From

The hunting instinct is still strong in even the most domesticated of felines; boxes are great places to hide in while observing prey and an ideal spot from which to launch an ambush.

It’s a Safe Space

You cat’s out of sight but can still check out anyone or anything that approaches. It’s a good place to sleep unobserved. Cats sleep for anything up to 20 hours a day so finding a good sleeping spot is almost as dear to their hearts as finding a concealed observation point for hunting

Cardboard is a Great Insulator

That box is warmer on chilly winter days and cooler in the summer heat. Perfect for cats who like their comfort, which, when you think about it, is pretty much all cats!

Maybe it Smells Good

Well, to a cat anyway, this sounds silly but I like the smell of cardboard, there’s something almost woody and definitely natural about it. Cats are much more sensitive to smell than humans, so it if smells good to me it might smell wonderful to them.

Boxes are Great For Scratching

The texture is perfect for some nice satisfying claw sharpening. While exercising claws your cat is also making the box smell even better; they have scent glands between their paws that leave a delicious ‘that’s mine’ smell behind when they scratch.

It doesn’t really matter why cats love boxes the fact that they do is enough. It’s a simple and inexpensive way of keeping your cat happy for hours and while he’s scratching a box, the sofa is safe!