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How to Teach Your Cat to Play Nice

how to teach your cat to play nice

Cats have such a reputation for independence that the idea that you can train them may give rise to more amusement than belief. When you embark on the long journey of how to teach your cat to play nice, there’s one single most important thing to bear in mind – take your time. Don’t go over the line with your feline buddy and don’t expect he will completely change to your fashion. The glue that binds together all the ingredients of the perfect calm cat formula is patience. Read more »

Why Do Cats Love Boxes So Much?

This Box Is Mine

If you had even one present that came in a box this Christmas, the chances are that kitty took over the box as his own! So, why do cats love boxes so much?

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How to Look After a Cat

Birman Cat Care

How to look after a cat and what does a cat need: a good supply of food, a comfortable bed, a 24 hr toilet, a suitable scratching board, excellent veterinary care. Read more »