Origin: FranceChartreux Breed

Type: Natural

Size: Medium to large

Coat Length: Medium hair

Body Type: Semi-­cobby

Appearance: The Chartreux is a medium-­sized cat with a muscular body and rather short legs. Males weigh between 4.5 to 6.8kg and females from 2.5 to 6kg. They have a dense and soft, water­-repellent coat. The Chartreux can be seen only in solid blue with a silver sheen to it. What makes the appearance of this breed exceptionally striking is the combination of their fur colour with the colour of their eyes , this is generally somewhere between deep copper to gold.

Grooming Requirement: Once a week

Activity Level: Average

Affection: Affectionate

Time Alone: 4 to 8 hours

Attention: Needs average attention

Talkativeness: Very quiet

Temperament: The Chartreux is smart cat and a fast learner too. This is a loyal, rather quiet pet, many believe that they’re some of the best hunters in the cat world. Chartreux cats are non-aggressive – playful and friendly, but not so playful that they can’t bear to be left home alone without causing chaos in your home.

Interesting Facts: One of the earliest mentions of these cats goes back to the 18th century. The breed is associated with Carthusian monks in France, it’s believed that the Chartreux was bred by them.

Behaviour Toward Other Animals and Children: Chartreux cats are good family pets and will happily play with your children. If the games start getting rough, they will walk away rather than start biting and scratching. This breed does well with other cats or dogs too, as long as they aren’t aggressive of course. As ever, it’s important to socialise your pets with each other and teach your children how to behave towards your pets..

Common Health Problems: The Chartreux is generally a healthy breed but in some cases hereditary patellar luxation might occur. Another problem as they age might be obesity.

Lifespan: Average 11 to 15 years