Love Is In The Air: How Your Dog Shows He Adores You

valentines puppy

Dogs are the most faithful and loving of companions and they certainly don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to show you how much they care. How well do you ‘speak dog’? Some of the signals your pet sends out are easy to interpret but there are a few more subtle signs too:

Tail wagging

The clearest sign of dog love is the way his tail thumps into action, showing his delight at your arrival. Not all tail wags are positive, but when the sweep is broad and seems to almost drag the back end of the dog with it, it’s a sure sign that just seeing you makes your dog feel happy.

Sniffing you

When you come home you catch up with your family by talking about what you’ve done. You dog is interested in what you’ve been up to too, but words don’t work so well for him. Smells do however; when your dog sniffs you he knows exactly where you’ve been and with whom. If you don’t believe us on this one watch out for his excitement when he catches the scent of a dog he’s pals with, or the look of pure disgust you’ll get if you’ve been ‘unfaithful’ and patted a strange dog in the street!

Kisses and Jumping Up

Dogs like to kiss, they especially like to kiss our faces and they’ll jump up to do it if you let them! It’s a natural way of showing doggy affection that’s not always welcomed by owners!

Inviting you to play

When your dog comes close, bows his head and bounds away it’s a sure sign he’s feeling playful. As we all know, we only play with those we love and trust!


Dogs can’t cuddle and many of them feel very uncomfortable when we do it to them, but they do like to lean on us for support. It’s a sign of affection and trust and a positive invitation for a scratch behind the ears. Just watch him make those puppy eyes at you when you do.

Sensing Your Mood

Your dog knows when you’re sad, he may not understand why he offers his wordless sympathy, loyalty and support just the same. The Balham Doggy Centre team reckon that there are some people who could learn a lot from dogs!

A Valentine’s Gift For Your Dog

Those who love us, deserve appreciation, especially on St Valentine’s Day, but your dog won’t appreciate roses and chocolate isn’t good for him. Buy him a special chew or toy, or better yet take him for an extra walk. If you don’t have time give us a call and we’ll do it. It’s one gift you just know he’s always going to love!