Irish Setter

Irish Setter Breed


Origin: Ireland

Type: Gun Dog

Weight: Male ­ 60 to 70lb (27 to 32kg)
Female ­ 53 to 64lb (24 to 29kg)

Hight: 25 to 27 inches (64 to 69cm)

Appearance: The Irish Setter (Red Setter) has a medium to long coat, in a silky red/chestnut colour. Another distinguishing feature of the coat is feathering on the tail, ears, chest, legs, and body.

Temperament: These are extremely gentle and lovable dogs. As with most setters they do have a great deal of energy. Constant human companionship is also recommended, as lack of activity and interaction can lead to destructive behaviour. As an active breed they need long off­-leash walks. Irish Setters are generally nice to everyone and are rarely, if ever, aggressive.

Skills: Irish Setters respond well to training due to their high intelligence but don’t make good watch dogs due to their natural desire to be friends with everyone. Bird hunting is their best skill, they have a strong sense of smell and are excellent at locating and pointing birds.

Behaviour Towards Other Animals and Children: Red setters get along well with other pets, dogs and children. As a hunting breed, small species may trigger their instincts, but this can be controlled with proper training. Red setters almost never act aggressively, but their size and clumsiness means they could accidentally knock a child over. Careful training should allow you to control the tendency to over­-excitement in the breed and reduce or eliminate this problem.

Common Health Problems: The Irish Setter is considered a healthy breed rarely experiencing breed related health problems. The common health issues for dogs can sometimes occur in Red Setters: hip dysplasia, retina problems, epilepsy, bloat, cancerous bone tumour and autoimmune disorders. In their general enthusiasm for life red setters can be somewhat accident prone.

Lifespan: 11 ­ 12 years.