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TOP 10 Best Pets for Kids

best pets for kids

You’ve agreed your child can have a pet. What will it be? Of course it will depend on your circumstances, but here’s our top ten best pets for kids.

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10 Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay Tiny

tiny dogIf you are live in a big city, in a small apartment, you probably don’t have as much time and space as your pets need. Read more »

Best Pet Friendly Hotels in UK

dog on holiday

If you’re one of the many pet lovers who thinks a holiday without your four-pawed friend is no fun at all you’re far from alone. Read more »

How To Be An Awesome Pet Owner

woman and dog

As a child I collected all sorts of creatures that would probably gross you out. Lizards, frogs, and even some gorgeous bugs. No, I wasn’t raised by a witch. Read more »

Pet Accessories Your Pet Will Love as Much as You Will

Doggy AccessoryWhen it comes to pet accessories there’s a world of choice. Some of them seem more geared to owners than their furry, feathered or scaly friends. Read more »

[Infographic] Human Food Safe for Cats

Kitty Showing teeth

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[Infographic] Ultimate List of Human Food Safe for Dogs

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10 Exotic Animals You Need A Licence To Own in UK

Serval Cat

Most pet owners seek an animal that will give them companionship and affection, but some are drawn towards more exotic pets.

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Most Effective Dog Training Methods

Dog Training Class

Whether you’re trying to teach an old dog new tricks or simply looking for the best method of dog training for your new puppy you’re almost certain to find that different experts offer conflicting advice, there are lots of different dog training methods. Read more »

Love Is In The Air: How Your Dog Shows He Adores You

valentines puppy

Dogs are the most faithful and loving of companions and they certainly don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to show you how much they care. How well do you ‘speak dog’? Some of the signals your pet sends out are easy to interpret but there are a few more subtle signs too: Read more »