Pet Accessories Your Pet Will Love as Much as You Will

Doggy AccessoryWhen it comes to pet accessories there’s a world of choice. Some of them seem more geared to owners than their furry, feathered or scaly friends.

Let’s face it, your dog doesn’t really care if his collar has rhinestones on it and your cat is far more interested in the contents of her food bowl than the colour of it. There’s nothing wrong with dog or cat accessories you’ll enjoy as an owner, but at Balham Doggy Centre it’s about the animals. So, here are a few pet care products and services that really are designed to make your friends’ lives better, healthier and more enjoyable.

For Cats

Flying Frenzy Interactive Feather Cat

This cat toy looks much like a fishing pole with a long string and feathers on the end of it. Use it to stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instinct. With over 700 reviews on Amazon, this certainly has cat lovers talking. It’s inexpensive, durable and there are replacement feather attachments and strings available. Do note that this is a toy for you and your cat, not one that can be used to keep her entertained when you’re not there. Buy it on Amazon or you could have a go at making your own!

Kitty City Climbing Hill

More than a toy, we’re entering the realms of cat furniture here. The basic unit consists of an upper and lower platform. a couple of hanging toys for your kitten to bat at and a sisal scratching post. Great for your cat AND for your furniture! Add on other cubes to the base unit as and when you wish. Available from Pet Planet and with overwhelmingly positive reviews this is a perfect present for indoor cats who need something to keep them entertained and to provide scope for exercise that keeps all your cat’s muscles toned.

Exotic Pet Supplies

Taking on an exotic pet is a serious responsibility. Non-native animals are totally dependant on you supplying them with the right environment and diet. If you’re not lucky enough to have a specialist shop nearby, there are a couple of good online options. Both and offer live, canned, dried and frozen foods for reptiles. You’ll also find vivaria, substrate, heating and lighting options and decorative items for your pet’s home, as well as expert advice on the care of your exotic pet. Any animal will be healthier and more content when its captive environment mimics its natural one as closely as possible. Check out the starter kit for a crested gecko as recommended by exotic pets to get an idea of what’s involved in doing it properly.

Other Small Pets

Hamsters, gerbils, rats, birds and ferrets are all highly intelligent, and since they’re not usually given the run of the house, it’s all the more important that their caged environment gives them the exercise and stimulation they need.

Trixie Grand Suspension Bridge

This is made from wood and cotton and is designed to be hung inside a cage. It’s suitable for larger rodents and even birds. With rope ladders for climbing and a wooden platform for lounging, owners report that this cage accessory is loved by rats, ferrets and even chinchillas. Buy it from Zooplus.

Digging Tower for Hamsters

Hamsters love to dig and this tower provides a perfect way to exercise their natural instinct. Fill it with sawdust and hide food and treats in it to make it all the more exciting. Just remember to change the sawdust regularly to avoid rotting food making the hamster’s home smell nasty and risking his health. Owners report the tower keeps their pet happy and occupied for hours. Get your digging tower from Pet Planet.

For Dogs

Your dog will tell you that all he needs is food and your love. We know it’s a bit more complicated than that! When it comes to leads, collars, harnesses and even clothes, it’s best to see the exact product before you buy. It’s important that leads are the right length to allow you to control your pet comfortably; a badly fitting collar could get caught in the undergrowth. We at Balham Doggy Centre will give you an expert advice about all these products to help you make your choice.

Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Dog Toys

This range of dog accessories answers two common owner complaints. Dogs love squeaky toys, but the sound they enjoy drives us nuts, and dogs play rough! The hear doggy range of toys incorporates an ultrasonic squeak, so your friend can hear it but you can’t. Owners’ reviews mostly attest to the durability of the range. Check out Hear Doggy toys on Amazon or eBay. We especially like the Alligator which is suitable for any sized dog and comes with chew guard technology and double stitched seams.

Busy Buddy Bristle Bone

Our final choice combines fun for your dog and a painless way to help him keep his teeth clean. The bristle bone has both nylon bristles and rubber nubs, all of which will promote dental hygiene and you can fit treat rings over the bone to encourage your dog to chew it for longer. Find it on Pet Planet.

All pet products need to be matched precisely to your pet’s needs. Small toys represent a choking hazard for larger animals and an overly large toy for a small one is just a waste of your money. Check pet accessories regularly and throw them away at the first sign of wear before they disintegrate into dangerous parts.