Origin: Russia Peterbald Cat Breed

Type: Cross-breed

Size: Small to medium

Coat Length: Short hair

Body Type: Svelte

Appearance: The Peterbald is a small to medium-­sized cat breed with a quite distinctive appearance. Mature males weigh between 3.6 to 4.5kg and females from 2.7 to 3.6kg. Peterbalds have visible wrinkles and can be almost hairless with hair length of only one millimetre, when you pet them they feel smooth. Not all Peterbalds are the same, some don’t even have whiskers or eyebrows while others have short, close­-lying coats. All colours and patterns, including colour-point are acceptable within the breed standard.

Grooming Requirement: Twice a week

Activity Level: High

Affection: Very affectionate

Time Alone: 4 to 8 hours a day

Attention: Needs a lot of attention

Talkativeness: Vocal

Temperament: The breed is still being developed so their personality can’t be described that accurately. Overall they are active and intelligent cats who love to play and it’s probably a good idea to buy some interactive toys for your Peterbald kitten. This is a cat that will happily sit in your lap and will follow you all around the house.

Interesting Facts: When they are born Peterbald kittens usually have hair but they lose most of it as they grow older.

Behaviour Toward Other Animals and Children: The Peterbald is an affectionate and sweet-natured cat which will live peacefully with other cats and cat­-friendly dogs. They’re fine with children, though of course you’ll do well to supervise babies or toddlers with any animal.

Common Health Problems: Although generally healthy and with no diseases restricted to this specific breed, there are some conditions that affect the Peterbald. This is because Oriental Shorthairs and Siamese are crossed to produce a Peterbald and some inherited health issues may be present. Some of these are liver amyloidosis, dilated cardiomyopathy, plaque buildup, tartar formation and gingivitis.

Lifespan: Average 10 to 12 years.