10 Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay Tiny

tiny dogIf you are live in a big city, in a small apartment, you probably don’t have as much time and space as your pets need.
Especially if you are a dog person. Large dog breeds need more space, longer walks and more exercise to use up their energy. No need to despair, there are great tiny dog breeds that stay tiny for life.

If you are planning on getting a dog, or any pet for that matter, you should think carefully about the attention and time you could give it. Dogs are loving creatures who need a lot of care. If you are ready to dedicate your self to one of them you are in for a great treat, even if you live in a small apartment.

For all of you ladies, that want a furry friend, here is a list of some tiny dog breeds. They are sweet, little puppies with funny muzzles who could even fit in your bag (not that we suggest that’s where you should keep them).

1. The Yorkshire Terrier

tiny dogs: yorkshire terrier

Is one of the smallest terrier breeds. It weights up to eight pounds and grows up to nine inches in height. Yorkshire Terrier is a long-haired dog, so you can practice your hairstyling skills on it. Its head’s fur is often decorated with ribbons and hair-slides. It’s the perfect girlish dog breed.

2. The English Beagle

tiny dogs: english beagle

Is a cute, intelligent hound dog breed. It’s friendly and great with kids – you will love it! It’s a short-haired dog with unique fur colour – an interesting combination of white, orange-brown and black. As this is an extremely energetic puppy, you might need a yard or a park for it to run around. It’s not a typical small apartment dog, so pick wisely.

3. The Pug

tiny dogs: the pug

Looks more like a stuffed toy than a dog. It’s a funny, playful pal and feels comfortable in tiny spaces. So, if you live in a one-bedroom apartment, this is the perfect dog for you. The pugs are also some of the most popular puppies on the Web. It has great charm and every girl will fall in love with it!

4. The Tibetan Spaniel

tiny dogs: tibetan spaniel

Is a touch bigger than the other breeds we talked about. It grows up to ten inches in height. Tibetan Spaniel are a very independent puppies. They love the indoors and are not keen on strangers. It’s a typical family dog. You could take it with you everywhere you go and it will sit calm and quite, enjoying the trip.

5. The Shih Tzu

tiny dogs: shih tzu

Is a gorgeous dog with beautiful, long hair. It’s knows how to work the catwalk. You can style its fur in a great diversity of hairstyles. Most pictures of Shih Tzu show it wearing ribbons. This clever and gentle puppy will be your best friend. Its friendly temper will allow you to take it everywhere, even if you have to carry it.

6. The Chinese Crested

tiny dogs: chinese crested

Is a strange, but very attractive puppy. A lot of people are impressed by its unique appearance his body is hairless. It looks like the Chinese Crested has an unique hairstyle like a cartoon dog character. This friendly, sociable god is the perfect company for you and your friends.

7. The Mini Spitz

tiny dogs: mini spitz

Is one of the sweetest small dog breeds ever! It looks like a furry snow ball with a foxy nose. Mini Spitz have triangular, erect ears and small, sharply-pointed muzzles. This is an elegant and very friendly breed, fitted to life in small apartments. Although the Mini Spitz doesn’t require a huge yard to run wildly, it still needs a lot of care. Its tick, long hair needs frequent washing and brushing.

8. The Maltese

tiny dogs: maltese

Is another toy dog. This puppy has really long and shiny hair, warm brown eyes, and smiley muzzle. It’s a gorgeous, sophisticated, but very gentle and playful dog. Its calm temper makes it the perfect indoor pet. Maltese Dogs are show dogs. It can win prizes in small dog categories. If you choose to get a Matlese, you can look forward to life in the spot light.

9. The Skye Terrier

tiny dogs: skye terrier

Is an elegant, but also strong and fearless dog. It loves games and free running. It’s a puppy with long hair, that needs regular grooming to be shiny. The head’s hair veils the puppy’s eyes and makes it look as cute as a stuffed toy.

10. The Chihuahua

tiny dogs: chihuahua

This is one of the most popular toy dogs. It feels quite comfortable resting in a woman’s bag. It often looks like an accessory, adding style to a lady’s appearance. Although it is a 10-inches tiny dog, the Chihuahua can be quite noisy. This puppy has protective and confident temper. Better don’t mess with it!

These ten breeds don’t even begin to describe the wide variety of small dogs you can adopt. Our top ten includes some of the most popular and easy to find small dog breeds in the world. They are perfect for anyone’s lifestyle. The tiny puppies are easier take care of.

Choose wisely!