A Dash of Tips for a Great Walk with Your Dog

Dog walking tips
Walking a dog sounds easy, right?
You put it on a leash (or off leash if they’re in a safe zone and properly trained) and you simply walk, jog or run with the dog. As simple as that.

But, how fun is that, really?
Wouldn’t you want your beloved pet to actually have some fun?

You can make a walk in the park both more fun and more rewarding for yourself and your canine by a dash of simple, yet efficient set of rules. Here we give some tips on how to seriously upgrade the way you walk your doggy!

Make Sure You’re Absolutely Comfortable

An easy trick is to make sure both you and your dog are dressed comfortably for the walk. Wear a coat and gloves (a must! especially for those stronger breeds) in the winter and lighter clothing in warmer seasons.

For any dog, a warm and cosy coat is always a good addition (in colder weather) as well as a comfortable harness to make your walk more pleasant. It is different from the average collar, as it holds the entire body of your canine, rather than its throat alone. The average harness will provide a better experience for both sides. To use one will mean less chocking for your dog. Some manufacturers even offer car seat extensions.

Let Your Dog Sniff at Will

Whenever your puppy stops to do the sniffing routine and explore the world – just let it be!

Dogs seem to get a lot of joy from sniffing, not to mention the ton of scent receptors they have. These receptors allow dogs to learn a lot for their surrounding environment. We all know how good they can be at figuring out who’s been where right? If you interrupt your canine’s sniffing routine, what else do they get from the walk? Will it really feel good, or rather sad?

Let Them Meet and Greet with Other Dogs (With Caution!)

If you are walking towards another dog and its owner, don’t try to avoid the encounter (unless it’s an aggressive dog, or worse.. if yours is).

Let your dog say hello to its friend, let puppies sniff each other’s bums and of course, allow them to play as much as they want.

Of course, you will always have to stay alert if they look like they get along well and if the other owner is fine with that. Although playful by nature, sometimes dogs become aggressive and is your responsibility as the owner to keep that under control and take care of your pet

Leave Distractions Away

When you’re walking your pup, make sure you’re fully dedicated.

Put your phone away and just enjoy yourself being out with your pooch. Watch how it behaves, what he or she gets up to and spare time to give it a treat regardless of how good it bad it is.

Neither Too Short or Too Long

Make the walk an appropriate length, don’t push your dog too hard but don’t make it so short, so it won’t be worth it.

If you have an energetic dog breed like a Collie, Spaniel or a Labrador then it can be super long as they have tons of energy. If you have a Pug or Jug, or any other breed similar enough, then long walks will be just too much and pups will feel as if it is a workout rather than something enjoyable.

Always Keep Your Dog Under Control!

As with any aspect of dog ownership, it’s important the dog is obedient and knows when to listen. If your dog is straining the lead, you need to step in and let it know that is not how it’s done.

The biggest tip on this is to make sure you are leading the walk and always in front, second best is if your dog is right on your side. This gives you total control for a controlled and safe walk. As any other aspect of dog training, it all comes down to discipline and practice.

Conclusion and Takeaways

So there you have it, I hope these tips can help you and your furry friend a great walk that’s fun and rewarding for both sides. Do you have any other handy tips for passionate dog walkers? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy walking!

* This piece was provided by the courtesy of Jugdog.co.uk