Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Breed


Origin: England

Type: Companion Dog

Weight: up to 3.2kg


Appearance: Yorkies are a small dog breed. The 3 main colour groups are grey, black, and tan. Yorkshire Terriers have an easily distinguishable coat – long, silky and shiny hair. These dogs are sometimes trimmed to improve appearance, or to make for easier grooming.

Temperament: The Yorkshire Terrier is an active, overprotective and attention-­seeking dog. It is very curious and always wants to be the centre of attention, not being so may result in jealousy, barking and emotional distress. They need interaction with their owners on a daily basis but so long as their trusted human is around they’ll adapt to any environment. Each dog is quite individual, so some are energetic and constantly demanding while others are balanced, calmer and very affectionate. Yorkies make good alarm systems, they’re renowned for their barking, and you can be quite sure they’ll let you know any time a stranger approaches..

Skills: As companion dogs, Yorkshire terriers can be taken everywhere. Their diminutive size means they can be carried, by hand or even in a suitable bag. In the past Yorkies were used for catching rats. They are easy to train, being so focused on their owner and relishing any attention and input and they require little exercise so can be kept in a mostly indoor environment. Yorkshire Terriers are certainly not of the most skilful dogs but that’s not what they are for.

Behaviour Towards Other Animals and Children: Their temperament characteristics ­ the attention-­seeking and jealously, can make them unsuitable for living with children or other pets. Yorkies are quite possessive, which could be an issue if there is a dispute over ownership or a toy between a child and the dog. The constant barking may also stress children as it can seem like an aggressive behaviour. Yorkshires are suitable for children over 7 and only if the child is the dog’s main person. On the whole this dog is probably best suited to a single owner, single pet environment.

Common Health Problems: The common health problems for Yorkshire terriers are bronchitis, dilation of lymph vessels, congenital or acquired bypass of the liver by the body’s circulatory system, decreased vision due to clouding of the eye lens and dry eye syndrome. Delicate digestive systems are also quite common, a carefully monitored, regular diet should be set. Their small body size makes them also predisposed to injuries by falls. Teeth problems are also common especially when it comes to the growth of adult teeth and baby teeth not falling.

Lifespan: 10-15 years.